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Website Recovery From Google Penguin

Website Recovery From Google PenguinMany websites were penalized by Google Penguin and other algorithm releases from Google. If you are one of them don’t despair, just get ready to put in some hard work. Be patient as long as you are following the guidelines publicized by Google. Website Recovery From Google Penguin will consume a lot of time. The holy grail of websites is that you must have high-quality content. It must be attractive, informative, and useful to your readers.

This is the first requirement. It is a must-have if you are going to be in this business for any length of time. There are other areas to focus on as well that we will cover in this short article. However, rest assured that this is a complex subject and requires much more discussion. We will focus on what we consider to be the basics of SEO recovery. But do not even bother with these other issues unless you have focused on quality content first.

Website Recovery From Google Penguin

Every time that Google comes out with a new release there are many steps for an SEO website administrator to consider. The first task is to try to asses what the impacts will be on the industry and specifically your website. Many online blogs are dedicated to this subject. It is worthwhile to spend a few hours getting a feel for what the SEO community is suggesting. You may need to adapt your website in order to comply with these changes. This is really the first order of business to avoid your site being indexed and penalized as a result.

Once you feel that all of the steps have been taken to adapt your website to whatever Google has changed in terms of SERP. The next step is to continue optimizing your site to improve the quality of your site. In terms of content, in terms of quality links to other quality sites, and terminate poor quality links where you are able to. You may have to contact other webmasters to request them to remove links so that you can improve your overall link strategy.

Whenever you touch a page, take a few moments to review that page. Update it from the perspective of checking current information to ensure it is accurate and up to date, in grammar, and also spelling. If your company has changed services, products, or policies, for example, this is the time to also make sure that your pages are not only up to date, but they also meet Google’s guidelines for SERP. This is an opportunity to improve your web site every time you touch a page.



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