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Website RankingIt used to be that you could just develop a website, upload it to your server, and presto you were live and even ranking well in the Search Engine Results Pages or SERP. Unfortunately, this dream is long past with many webmasters scratching their heads regarding what to do next in regards to developing content and managing ranking on the SERP results. With Google updates coming on a regular basis, it is really difficult to know what will be hit and what will be enhanced. For example, Penguin 3.0 impacted thousands of websites that had less than optimum linking strategies. If you had bad links if you had links to sites that were unrelated and on and on, then you were probably impacted by Google’s penguin.

To make matters worse, those webmasters who spent thousands of hours cleaning up the links have not seen a resurgence in their ranking since Penguin has not been rerun and is not part of the regular algorithm update. It is not part of the normal Google search engine refreshes.

Website Ranking – What to Do

If you are building a new site, stick to basics with high-quality information and content. Link to other sites that are legit sites that also have quality information and respect. Before approving links to your site, ask yourself if they are similar in content and quality as well. But beyond everything focus on content to make sure that it is something that your visitors will want to read.

An existing site may have more issues to deal with. Clean up your linking strategy and unlink to any questionable sites. If you find links to your site that are also questionable, request that they also unlink. Clean up your content so that it is clean, grammatically correct, and has value for your clients. Even with all of this work you may have to wait a while until Google decides to rerun the Penguin algorithm. If your site might be considered spammy, clean this up as well.

Website Ranking – Next Big Thing

No one knows except Google what the next big change will be. The only recommendation that we can make is that your site is pristine. This includes content, links, and the spam index.

For example, never link to a site that you would not spend time on. Don’t link to a site that does not somehow relate to your content. To the extent that you can, only allow sites to link to you that also are of high quality. It should have content on the same subject as you. Sites that are in direct competition with you may also be avoided in terms of inbound and outbound linking.

Follow the blogs and the chat rooms, you may pick up some hints, however, if you follow a quality strategy, you should be ok!

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