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3 Things You can Do to Make Your Freelancer’s Life Easier

August 23rd, 2016 ernie Posted in Freelance Writers No Comments »

Make Your Freelancers Life Easier.A lot of businesses nowadays decide to save time and money by outsourcing some of their tasks to freelancers. Some of these business transactions go pretty well, whereas, with other business dealings, clients very often end up arguing with freelancers. The second option is not good for anyone; freelancers get a bad review, and the client ends up with one as well, making it harder for both of you to have successful transactions in the future. There are ways to Make Your freelancer’s Life Easier.

Very often, these arguments are a result of miscommunication. So, the following article is here to help you negotiate with freelancers so that, in the end, both of you are satisfied.

Make Your Freelancer’s Life Easier – Be careful who you choose

The first thing you need to worry about is who you are going to pick to do your job. It’s always more reliable to pick outsourcing companies, since they usually specialize in the task you want to outsource, and have more working experience and manpower. This rule applies to the BPO type of outsourcing since KPO usually requires one specialist to complete the task. Make sure you check their previous customer feedback and reviews and select a company that is up to the task.

Be as specific as possible

Being vague won’t do anyone any good. If you have selected a freelancer or a freelancer company you think is up to the task, you need to give them good examples. If they have a work sample that corresponds to what you are interested in, make sure you pointed it out.

You may also find something similar online and give them a link. The more guidelines you supply, the better. Finally, if you can’t find any samples, then write down the instructions they need to follow closely.

Make Your Freelancers Life Easier – Updates  

If you are outsourcing a copious project, then it is imperative that you monitor the progress. If you notice anything wrong, you need to point it out immediately, and those mistakes will be avoided in the future. You might think about how this only means more work for you, but it is better this way. Once you and your freelancers establish fine communication, you’ll have a reliable team at your disposal that won’t need constant monitoring.

If you follow these tips, you will create an outsourcing group that you can trust. It’s highly unlikely that someone can immediately guess what you are after on their first try, especially if the project is complex. So, it’s always better to work on communication from the very beginning.

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