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Small Business Web Sites

I have worked for 20 years in private enterprise, and 12 years in consulting. I know it takes dedication and hard work to start a business. Everyone needs to have a presence on the web these days, but not every business can afford or wants to spend a lot of money creating or maintaining a web site. We spend a lot of time reviewing the best processes and designs to enable a successful presence online and pass it along to our customers.

We also want to provide this assistance indirectly via various posts on this site as well as providing direct assistance to small business owners. This is where we fit in. Check out our services and let us know how we can help you started. We also provide a path to develop more robust web sites to attract more traffic.

  • Do You need a web site and do not want to pay too much?
  • Small business owner or consumer?
  • Need something that you can update yourself?
  • With support from the experts?
  • Optional pricing and updates you can afford!

I am an SEO specialist from North America providing support to business organizations in the field of Internet marketing. I work
remotely from my present location and can help your organization with on site optimization, Link building, creating attractive content and advertising material for Social Media Marketing.

I also add mobile friendly posts using WordPress Content Management System and widgets to rank mobile friendly websites with Google.

Various link building methods I use are listed below

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing
1. On site Optimization
2. Local Listings
3. Video creation for YouTube and other video channels
4. Q and A link building
5. Press release publishing
6. Broken link rebuilding

Social Media Marketing
7. Building links from social media platforms
8. Regular posting of information related to client products / services
9. Audience building on all social media platforms mainly Twitter and Facebook

Website Maintenance
10. Updating website content and product additions
11. Blog maintenance including updates and system upgrades

My Other Skills include HTML, Dream weaver,  WordPress, and PPC Management.

I can help your company improve on Search Results as well as help web developers in handling SEO projects for all your clients.

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