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Improve Customer Satisfaction – WebSite Health

Improve Customer SatisfactionOur last post discussed web site speed i.e. the time it takes to load a page once the reader clicks on a link to your site. There are added aspects to consider. For example, if your site uses a contact form.  Some templates come with a built-in contact form. While others will need a plugin to add this feature. Test the contact form for speed of response, for ease of use, and results in terms of customers and readers filling in the form. Remember to respond to them immediately.

Even if it is an automated response it is better than nothing at all. You will need to follow up within 24 hours with a real response. Otherwise, you risk getting bad comments on various boards, etc. This includes those people who post comments on various topics. Respond to them, even the negative ones. Other readers will gauge your response and decide if they wish to contact you after reading how you handle even the negative responses.

Improve Customer Satisfaction – Digital Books

If it applies a digital book might be the answer to retain loyal customers and keep them coming back. For example, we have not done this yet on our site, we are just getting started, but stay tuned we will have one sometime in the future. We also blog consistently talking about various topics that are of interest to our readers and to small business owners who are looking for information about building, maintaining, and operating a web site.

Improve Customer Satisfaction – Test after Every change

Operating a blog or a web site involves changing content, upgrading plugins, and themes all of the time. As these elements change, they sometimes stop working the way they should and the only way to find this out is to always test after making a change to confirm that everything is still working the way it should. Set up a regular testing methodology to ensure that the content is being delivered the way you wish and the plugins are doing what they are supposed to. Fix any negative test results immediately to minimize the impact on your customers.

Check the Time it Takes Web Pages to Load

We thought it is important to emphasize web page load speed one more time. There are many locations along the path between the server where your website is hosted and the user or person loading your page. There are a multitude of hops that have routers processing yours and millions of other bits of data. If one of those routers is overloaded or running a bit slow, your page will not load quickly. Same thing if your server is overloaded.

The first thing to do is to run a test called Tracert. Basically it will check the response time for all hops between your website and your location. If there are locations including your server that are responding slowly, it will be shown. You can then decide if any action should be taken and where to focus your efforts!

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