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Website crashes or becomes unresponsive

Website crashesIf the website will not respond or the Website crashes, there are lots of reasons that would cause this particular problem. It is not always a problem for the website itself, there are so many connections within the Internet that there could be a problem and they could be just about anywhere. For example, to reach any given website from your computer there could be as many as 23 connections over routers and modems through the Internet before it reaches our hosting site. Anyone of those could be the culprit that is slowing things down. Sometimes it is just heavy traffic on one of the routers or even on the server that your web site is hosted on that is causing the problem.

Once this traffic clears, your response time will be back to normal. Before reacting wait an hour or so and then retest. If it is still responding slower than normal, it is time to take some action. You will need to do some investigation to figure out where the delay is occurring in order to be able to do anything about it.

Website Crashes – These include

  • Your ISP has lost connection with the Internet
  • A portion of the Internet is down
  • A router on the path to your website is not responding
  • Your personal connection to the Internet could be lost
  • Your computer, tablet or phone may need to be rebooted.

These are the main reasons why a website may not respond in addition to denial of service attacks on the host. Give it sixty minutes, and then retry. Just be patient and try clicking the link a little later and see what happens. If it doesn’t work the second time then is a good idea to reach out to the website owner.

If you are the web site owner, any delay can cause you to lose traffic and customers. Always investigate any delays and take the appropriate action immediately if you want to maintain your revenue stream or customer base. Start with your host provider and ask a technician to load your web site in his or her browser.

If it loads quickly, chances are that it is not your web site, your host or your server that is causing the problem. It will be somewhere else and not your website providers issue. Run a check on your server to determine where the delays are creeping in.

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