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Strategic Design ChangeYour adding content, maintaining the basic design, a good balance of images, and crawl-able text, yet you are not getting the traffic that you feel that should be coming your way. What changes should you make, and how far should you go. Is there a light bulb moment, as shown in the diagram that changes everything? What about the investment that has already been made in time, design, writing, etc. Do you just through this out and start over? This is the Strategic Design Change that most, if not all, designers face.

There are so many questions, and most website owners as well as web site managers just do not have the time to deal with these kinds of issues. It is important to have a strategy for your web site – what are the objectives, what customers are you trying to reach, what is the best way to reach them and how much investment do you make in this aspect of your business compared to other possibilities.

Strategic Design Change – Decisions

These are hard decisions to make, and most people will just go on doing the same thing until something happens that forces them to change. Also, the search engines are constantly updating their search engines all of the time to try to deliver a better result to their customers who pay the bills.

We feel that the right strategy is to define the following attributes and then focus on delivering to your customers:

  • Who are your customers
  • What products are you offering them
  • What services are you providing
  • Have you described these well on your web page
  • Do you have high quality well-written content that describes the above
  • Is your site responsive
  • Can your customers find the information they need and are looking for
  • Is there a way for your customers to provide feedback
  • The old principle – Apply the KISS principle – Keep it Simple ….. applies

Every customer will have a different strategy, but the point is that they need to have one before they even begin building a web site. They need to have a strategy before they begin making serious changes to an existing web site.

They also need to understand the changes that they will make to existing sites and what impact this will have on search results.

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