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Strategic Content PlanDeveloping a strategic content plan as part of your SEO responsibilities for a customer is actually much more complex than most people think. After all don’t you just have to have a couple of pages that talk about who your company is, the products and services they offer, and how to contact you? The answer is yes you need these things, but as most web masters for small and large companies know, you are just beginning to scratch the surface. In this post, we will list and discuss a few other topics that need to be thought about when a website is launched on behalf of a customer, or even yourself for that matter.

Strategic Content Plan – Areas to Focus On

  • Company Description – one page
  • Company Services and Product descriptions – many pages
  • Contact information – one page
  • Ordering information – one to several pages
  • FAQ-Frequently asked questions – one page to many
  • Customer reviews – one too many with approval?
  • Images of Products – one too many

The above is definitely important and must be included. However, there are other areas that should be thought about that are aimed at helping the search engines decide how to rank you against other similar web sites. These can include:

  • Linking to other websites
  • Links from other websites
  • Linking to customers, suppliers or even competitors
  • Quality of content
  • Length of pages in terms of text
  • Image control and linking
  • Tracking of customers on your site
  • Chat room capability
  • Content pages related to typical search terms
  • Search phrases and links to your site
  • Conversion rate tracking of visitors to paying customers

Some webmasters would suggest that there are well over a hundred variables that should be taken into account when developing a web site. Following the 80:20 rule, we believe that these are the major ones with the addition of one more.

Every page must offer useful content, informative and valuable content to the reader. Above all, you need to try to answer the question the reader is looking for. If you can do that you most likely will rank well and attract the kinds of customers you are looking for on your site.



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