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Small Business SiteMany business owners plan to set up a small business website. They want to provide information to their customers. In addition, it is one of the best ways to advertise and be competitive. There is actually a great deal to consider before designing a site.

They should first think about what their objectives are for their website.  It is important to understand why your website is being started. Some want to provide better information to their customers. In addition to advertising products and services. Will it allow customers to make purchases online?  There is a significant difference between an information site and a monetized site. One site is not interactive. While the other can take orders from customers and process them. As a result, this is a much higher level of functionality to consider. You also need trained support personnel to handle all of the back office processes.

Information Small Business Site

An information small-business site will provide basic information about the business. It will cover who the principals are, contact information, etc. Include a list of your products and services.  If customers wish to purchase any of these services and products they must contact you.  Remember to make contacting you easy for them and be responsive. They can do this by sending an e-mail. Or they can talk to you over the phone or visit your business.  This is really just a traditional advertising site that happens to be online.

Order Processing Site

A small business site that accepts orders is a much more complex site. This may include processing credit card payments or PayPal payments. It must have better information, cash processing information, and order placement. A status update is also typically provided. The privacy of customers’ personal information must also be addressed.

Set up an information site quite quickly. Update the content and add new content as time permits.  The small-business site can process and manage cash transactions which will take time to develop. They are generally more expensive. Also, they require more maintenance on an ongoing basis.  We’re not trying to dissuade you from setting up one of these sites. Always take into account your expectations, objectives, etc.

With the advent of PayPal and cash transaction terminals, basic cash management can be added to the site.  Note that the back-end process of fulfilling the order is a separate process. This includes excepting the order, preparing the product, packing, and shipping. Finally, you must be able to send invoices for the product.

Our Website Services

We specialize in providing small business websites that are informational in nature. They include contact capabilities provided on the website. You can provide a phone number, a contact form or allow customers to send e-mails to you.  Use a content management system. This provides the option to the business owner to prepare and update their own content.  It is quite straightforward and easy to use. Owners just need to figure out what content they want to provide.

Search engine optimization is provided. Search engines will index your site. Your site will rank higher. This is aimed at customers who are searching for particular products and services that your company provides.

For more information about our services, please contact us by phone or e-mail or using our contact form. We will be happy to respond to your request.  We provide domain management, hosting services, and content management services.

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