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Small Business DomainSetting up a small business domain and company website does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Business owners have a relatively small budget for online services like websites.  There are really three elements that need to be focused on when you are developing your website and which many small business owners do not want to be involved with simply because they do not have the time.  The first is to obtain a domain name. This is the address or URL that you type into your browser to find the website.  The second service that is required is a place to host your website.  Your domain name will be pointed at this address.  The address represents a server operating somewhere on the Internet which will provide and upload your content to customers that are browsing your small business website.

Small Business Domain – Content Management System

A content management system is a next component that is required in order for you to introduce content onto your website and deliver the content to your customers.  Many content management systems are available however we use a content management system called WordPress for our customers and also for ourselves.  This Web engine or content management system is a great tool for people who are not interested in developing their own HTML code and do not want to spend a lot of time trying to configure their own web pages.

WordPress is much like Microsoft Word in some perspectives with spelling checks and grammar identification and correction.  Many different widgets can be added to provide additional functionality specific to the needs of your website and your company.  Spelling checks, formatting, statistics, and many others can be added.

Small Business Domain – Let Us Build Your Web Site For You

Our company uses WordPress and in fact, this blog is being driven by a WordPress installation.  Your domain name and small business website can also be installed inexpensively with a content management system such as WordPress. Within a few hours, you can be up and running with basic information.  We can also develop and enter content for you. Which includes text as well as images and videos are also possible.

Once the website is up and running, your team can make their own updates. Or arrange for a member of our team to do the updates for you. Many web site owners like this approach as another means of managing their costs. This approach provides then with the flexibility they need to manage their content and their costs.

Give us a call or check out some of our pricing and options and let us build your website for you.

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