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Content Creation Techniques

Content Creation TechniquesOne of the questions that many people ask is how do we know what content to add to a blog or to a website? In addition, they want to know what happens when you have writer’s block and cannot find anything specific to write about? This situation actually happens to many people from time to time including our own writers. There are content creation techniques to help you always have something to write about and keep the creative juices flowing so to speak. When you are able to write, write many posts and schedule them to launch in the future. This is one way to help you get over those periods when you do experience writer’s block.

We can came across an article that talked about 20 different techniques that can be utilized in terms of creating content when someone has what’s is called writer’s block. We decided to use these 20 items and put our own spin on these items based on our experience that we have had in terms of creating content for our websites as well as for customer’s websites. The objective is to create content that is useful and meaningful for the reader based on the context of the customers’ website. As you’re reading these 20 items try to think of them from the perspective of the content that you would need to have created for your website and for your customers. Remember to place the important stuff upfront in the article.

Content Creation Techniques

Here’s our list:

1. Update outdated content – regularly review your older pages and update them with more current information.

2. Write about items in the news that pertains to your industry – always read the current news especially anything in your own industry

3. Develop a list of tips about your products – readers will find this information particularly useful

4. Interview a friendly client or customer

5. Write a case study about your product or service

6. Join group industry groups

7. Monitor Industry publications – look for ideas and perspectives that were not covered in the publication that can be discussed on your own site

8. Look for News and Magazine Article Titles – for the same reason as above.

9. What is hot on Twitter and FaceBook – you may also want to have your own social media program as well

10. Customer Testimonials

11. Ask colleagues for ideas

12. Compare products and services

13. Publish expert material about solutions your products provide

14. Write a how-to article for the do it yourself handyman

15. Share some history about your company, people, products etc

16. Solutions: Before and After that cover typical situations that your customers run into

17. Make a checklist for your customers

18. Add a definitions page

19. Add a resources page where customers can find more information about your products, services and your company

20. Publish statistics about your products, improvements etc

We provide inexpensive hosting and content management systems to help your company with your website and blog. If you need information or would like some help please give us a call or send us an e-mail with your contact information. Our phone and email is at the top of the page. Many of our customers ask for help in setting up a web site and then proceed to develop their own content.

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