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Silly Online Marketing Mistakes

Silly Online Marketing MistakesWriting for Search Engines is necessary; however, writing copy for your readers is also extremely important. Writing exciting content, answering the reader’s questions, and delivering a message are essential things a copywriter/blog writer can do. All of this needs to be accomplished while at the same time meeting all of the attributes that the search engines are looking for. Silly Online Marketing Mistakes can jeopardize your rating. Other articles in this series address the SEO attributes that writers must know. This article will focus on the marketing side of writing.

Silly Online Marketing Mistakes to Watch For

The title and content need to match! Sometimes a catch title is needed to attract readers, particularly online readers, to open the page and review the content. But if the article’s content does not live up to the promises indicated in the title, the reader will move on quickly to another page. Always make your titles catchy, but match them to the content contained on your page.

Duplication of content is confusing to customers, especially if the content sends slightly different messages. The search engines do not like it either. Two slightly different messages about the same content will cause questions in your readers’ minds and could dramatically increase your cost. Imagine a call center taking calls about the same products but described differently. Align your pages or get rid of duplicate content.

If links don’t work your customers will move onto another site, and you miss the opportunity to convert them to making purchases or learning more about your services. Test all your links and ensure they are relevant to the content and subject.

Monitor your Social Links – these days. Everyone is on FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You may lose readers here if your pages or message do not convert well. Twitter, for example, only has 140 characters. That is a limited number of words that can attract your readers and get them to click on the URL leading to your page. Always focus on the message and how it is perceived on social media. For more information about writing great content, click here.


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