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Four Silly SEO Mistakes

Four Silly SEO MistakesSEO is all about making sure that your website and the content on it will rank well. Ensure that the search engines rank your page or pages high enough for your customers to actually be presented with your URL in the search results. There are hundreds of things that a webmaster needs to pay attention to. As they develop a website, there are Four Silly SEO Mistakes that play a large part in both ranking as well and attracting potential readers to your page. We will review these four areas and hopefully add to the success of your online experience.

Four Silly SEO Mistakes That We All Make

The title needs to match the content to give the reader some idea of what your page is all about. We have all been caught by this trap from time to time. A great sounding title that matches what we are looking for. When we get to the page the content has nothing to do with the content, in fact sometimes it is just bogus material. There are some sites, that I will never click on even though they somehow manage to rank high on the search results. Make sure the content matches the title and provides value to the reader.

Duplication of content sometimes occurs intentionally and sometimes by mistake. If the content sends the same message at least your customers will not be confused. But what if the information disagrees? Then what do you do? From a search engine perspective, you are trying to game the results. The search engines could even assign a penalty placing you way down in the search results. Your customers will never be presented with your pages unless they go to page 20 and beyond!

Poor internal linking or links that simply do not work are also something that the search engines frown on as well as it frustrates your readers and customers. Links that work are important. Links to pages that are consistent with the material being presented are valued by search engines and customers alike. Review all of your links from this perspective.

Social Links

Considering your Social Links, we are all encouraged to link to various social media, however, this can backfire if not done correctly. Your page may look great on your web site, but how does it look on a social media page. Is it still attractive, easy to navigate, etc? Many sites are becoming mobile-friendly. However, lots of testing needs to be done to make sure that your customers can actually read it online on their mobile phones.

We hope these four ideas help readers to understand how they can improve their web sites and their customer’s experience.

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