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Good Unique Content Matters

Good Unique Content MattersGood unique content matters for a number of reasons. Your customers are looking for information that will help them answer questions they have. They want to solve whatever problems they are trying to resolve. If your content does not address these issues they will be dissatisfied. Readers will go to another site for their answers and products. As a website owner-operator any time you lose a customer it is bad news for the bottom line. Bottom line is to make sure that all of your content addresses specific issues that pertain to your products and services. In other words, help your customers solve their particular issues.

Good Unique Content Matters – SEO

Helping websites gain top ranking with Google and other search engines is an important objective of all SEO engineers. There are many factors that can contribute to a good ranking. This means that a higher number of people searching for specific topics are going to be presented with your site as a site to visit that will answer their questions.  Excellent content is one of those features that everyone should strive for in addition to all of the other issues that are often considered. Good Unique Content Matters because you need to make sure that the search engines rank you well. The content must also address the customer’s questions.

Some SEO experts believe that good unique content is not enough. They feel that it must be excellent and ten times better than your competitors. They believe this based on competitive comparisons by Google as well as your customers. If your content is ten times better than the competition, Google will rank you higher. Of course, your customers will stay on your page longer. All of this potentially adds up to increased sales and revenue, which after all is the bottom line for most companies.

Our own objective is to write really good unique content since there is a trade-off between time invested and return for that time. Each website manager must evaluate this trade-off and make the best return on investment decision for their situation.


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