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Set Editorial Due Dates for SEO

Set Editorial Due Dates for SEOMuch has been made about generating the content, lots of content for your website that is original and attractive to the reader. Yes, you need all of these things and much more to create a successful website. However, in this post, we wanted to talk about a topic that is often overlooked. That is “set editorial due dates for SEO. What do we mean by this term? And how do you go about setting dates, schedules, etc. for SEO purposes? The bottom line, you need to be organized and produce content, edit content, and update content regularly. Your website is going to suffer in both quality and attractiveness if you do not follow these steps.

Set Editorial Due Dates for SEO

All of your writers need to be assigned tasks, and schedules, i.e., due dates, and expectations set. Without this either for writers you hire or even yourself, content management for your website will be haphazard at best. Here is what we mean!

New Content Generation – set a schedule for content generation, i.e., new pages that will be added to your site following all of the rules for SEO that are needed. Your writers should know the dates and expectations and meet these dates.

Refresh Old Content – some of your pages will be stale and even out of date factually just due to changing circumstances in your business. Establish a program with due dates, expectations for updates, and quality levels for all of your pages. Update them regularly so that make sense for your business.

Product / Service Updates – if your business changes, so must your online content. This needs to be completed rapidly. Otherwise, you will have very frustrated customers and even employees. Establish a task force if necessary to make this happen quickly.

The important message here is to establish and set editorial due dates for SEO purposes for your business website that makes sense for the business you are in!

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