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SEO Ranking Factors in the Future

SEO Ranking Factors in the FutureThe best experts in the business every year try to identify the most important SEO Ranking Factors in the Future for webmasters, content writers, and advertising managers.  If you get it right, your site will be indexed on the 1st page of the search engine results. If you get it wrong, then you could be buried low on the SERP/s and never seen by your customers. There are however basic requirements that seem to stand the test of time and the ongoing changes that Google and other Search engines regularly make.

This is a very competitive industry on many different levels. We are all fighting to get on that first page of search results and then get picked by the reader. We are going to identify a few of the basics in this post that will withstand the test of time. As well as ongoing updates by the search engines.

SEO Ranking Factors in the Future

Relevant Content – find out what your customers are looking for and then make sure that the content is there to answer their questions.

Answer the Customers Questions – Show the customer where he or she can get the answer if you cannot answer it on your page. Give them alternatives and most of all do not point them to links pages that are unrelated.

Provide Value to the customer – value to the customer really depends on what they are looking for. Can they find the product they are looking for and can they order it seamlessly? Does the content answer a question? Does your website bring value to the customer’s life?

Mobile Adapted – The majority of searches are now being conducted using mobile devices. Your website must be readable. It must have all of the functionality your customer needs on a mobile device or tablet.

Website Response – slow website response time will cause your customers to move on to another page or SERP result.

Titles that Attract Readers

Even if you are on the first page there are still at least 20 other titles and paid advertisers for the customer to click on. Make your title compelling. Provide a snippet of what the customer is looking for to attract them so they click on the SERPs for your website.

While there are many more ranking factors that can determine a post’s eventual page rank, if you do not get the above right, then you may as well not bother. Focus on quality content that addresses the customer’s needs, do it quickly, and do it on a mobile device. If you can do these parts, then you have a running start of having an excellent website that attracts customers and sells the product.

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