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Write Content for Your Readers

Write Content for Your ReadersThere is no question that good content is the only way to go when it comes to creating a website. Whether you are writing to advertise products or services, always write content for your readers. Your customers need to be able to figure out what you are selling and why they should consider taking the next step with you. At the same time, bloggers know that unless they have great content that meets SEO guidelines, that content will never be found, much less presented to your potential readers and customers. The bottom line to the question in the picture is that you are writing content for your readers, i.e., people and also search engines. i.e., Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a host of lesser-known search engines. Writers, bloggers, and website owners, including this site, need to find the right balance between content that is interesting to readers as well as achieves a high enough indexing level by the search engines for them to present your site to people searching for services or products that your company provides. If your site is on the 5th page of search results, there is little probability that readers will ever go to your page.

Write Content for Your Readers and Search Engines

If you are not blogging, focusing on keywords, etc, then your pages will not be indexed. Studies show that when you incorporate blogging into your mainstream marketing activity, they derive 13X positive marketing return on investment. That is pretty significant and difficult to ignore.

Here are some statistics that might interest our readers:

  • Blog traffic increases 53% once you accumulate 53 posts and continues increasing as you add more posts
  • Daily posting attracts five times more traffic than weekly posts
  • Longer posts attract more quality backlinks
  • Good design and good content increase the credibility of your blog
  • Adding images to your posts increases the number of backlinks
  • Monday morning posts attract the highest blog traffic
  • Over 70% of people discover a company by reading an article

If you are thinking about blogging or need help with your web site, let us know and we can develop a blogging program for you at reasonable prices with relevant keywords. For more information about optimizing your site for SEO, click here.



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