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Checking the Health of Your SEO Projects

Checking the Health of Your SEO ProjectsSEO experts know that they cannot stand still and forget about their websites. Even a perfect website will need updates and adjustments to reflect changing search parameters and customer interest. At the same time, before you embark on an SEO project it is important to assess the impacts. Review the time or cost to make the changes and what the return on investment will be. Checking the health of your SEP projects can make a huge difference in your overall profit, from customer visits, etc. The following list includes areas you want to check into and confirm. Make sure you understand your overall objectives, the results, and how much it will cost before you start.

Checking the Health of Your SEO Projects

  • Measure organic and referral traffic
  • Check the latest queries and keywords that brought you traffic.
  • Search for your brand name to confirm it is indexed
  • How mobile-friendly is your website?
  • Pay attention to site speed mainly because it is a ranking factor and a potential annoyance for visitors.
  • Check on-page SEO regularly.
  • How relevant is your traffic? Does it apply to your site?
  • A good metric to track is the number of pages indexed.
  • Increase the number of landing pages. 
  • Can search engines crawl your website?
  • Check Google Webmaster messages.
  • Verify links to your site for relevancy and ranking
  • Improve conversions (leads, subscriptions, downloads, sign-ups, comments, likes, shares, etc.).
  • Is your SEO program aiming at Increasing engagement,
  • Increase stickiness of the content. A low bounce rate and a high number of pages per visit are key factors.

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