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BlackHat vs. Whitehat SEO

 Whitehat SEOWhat is black hat SEO? And what is white hat SEO as well? Why should you follow one or the other? It turns out there are some very good reasons why web bloggers should follow a high-quality content approach to ensure that SERP results deliver the kind of traffic they are looking for. After all, if your web pages are not on the first or second page of the SERP results, the chances of a reader clicking on your URL are very low. As a result, traffic will decline, and whatever your objectives are for your website will not be met.

Whitehat SEO

Quality content that does not over-utilize keywords and has rich meta tags focused on addressing a customer’s or readers’ needs is going to win out in the long run. The search engines are really focused on delivering search results that are of high quality. If you are not meeting these guidelines, then your website results will suffer.

Blackhat SEO is focused on techniques such as keyword stuffing, links to just about everything, and often poor content. If you are following these kinds of approaches, there is an excellent chance that your posts and your entire website are going to be penalized by the search engines. If your site is placed in the penalty box, your traffic is going to fall like a stone.

Stay focused on high-quality content, a few appropriate links, and a small number of focused keywords. Make sure your meta tags are included. Remember, you are writing for your customers and attempting to help them address whatever question/issue they have.

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