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Techniques for Website SEO Training After Being Away

Techniques for Website SEO Training After Being AwayWhether you have been away for 6 months or a year, the task of staying up to date on SEO is a daunting one. In this post, we will cover a few techniques for website SEO training after being away. In fact, you can use these techniques for your everyday self-training activity. The industry is changing quickly on many different fronts. The search engines are constantly updating their search algorithms to provide better more relevant results. Information goes out of date. Technology changes e.g mobile browsing and consumers are getting smarter when it comes to searching for information online. They expect instant accurate answers to whatever they are looking for. So how to you keep up to date on a regular basis or whether you have been away from the industry for a period of time?

Techniques for Website SEO Training After Being Away

Here is our list of techniques for staying up to date or catching up on what is evolving in the industry. There is no magic bullet, but if you work at it you can keep your website’s SEO optimized.

  • Take advantage of services like Feedly to aggregate SEO news
  • Subscribe to Google blogs on search engine changes
  • Subscribe to the MOZ blog
  • Attend conferences on SEO, although this may cost $$ and may or may not be profitable depending on the conference
  • Read every day about SEO topics and current trends
  • Taking a course from a qualified trainer can help to come up to speed quickly, however you still need to read every day to stay current.
  • Run several blogs and experiment with various parameters
  • Track your traffic, bounce rates, links, etc and learn from them
  • You may want to read the previous post on this blog.
  • Apply a read, write and talk approach to learning about new techniques to harden them in your memory and also find out what other people are thinking.

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