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Check List of Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

check list of common seo mistakes to avoidThere is a check list of common SEO mistakes to avoid when you are designing a web site. This post discusses seven of those items and explains in a little more detail why they are important. Failing to use an optimized theme, contact form and images can contribute to poor SEO results. Domains need to be owned by the website and they need to be optimized for the subject you need to focus on. By far, selecting the right keywords and writing great content that addresses the reader’s needs and interests. Make sure you use excellent grammar, write a text for easy reading, and most of all answer your reader’s questions. Regardless of the subject writers and blog owners should be attempting to address questions readers are trying to answer. We assembled a shortlist of areas that web designers and content writers should focus on.

The list includes:

  • Not using an SEO optimized Theme
  • Failing to Optimize an SEO Contact Form
  • Not Purchasing Your Own Domain
  • Not Optimizing Blog Images
  • Choosing the Wrong Keywords
  • Not Providing High-Quality Content

Check List of Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Not using an SEO optimized Theme

Optimize every element of your blog for SEO. This includes the theme you are using. Select a WordPress blog theme that has been optimized for SEO and fits with the intent and objectives of your blog.

Failing to Optimize an SEO Contact Form

Optimize your contact form for SEO. Include your keywords, meta data, and images to help visitors find your blog.

Not Purchasing Your Own Domain

A domain name provides an identity that aligns with your company objectives. It helps manage expectations for your blog’s content.

Not Optimizing Blog Images

Images should contain the keyword you are aiming at. Optimize images for fast loading. Large image files take a long time to load and turn readers off. Fast loading images mean readers do not leave your page prematurely because it failed to load.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Develop a keyword strategy. It should define your content and are focused on your message. Keywords should be typical strings that readers would search for that lead to your web site.

Not Providing High-Quality Content

By far the most important item to keep readers coming back is providing high-quality content that addresses their questions. Provide information that helps them solve whatever problem they have and pulls them to your web site.

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