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SEO Mistakes to Avoid

SEO Mistakes to AvoidBuilding a web site and a web page is actually quite a complicated challenge. There are lots of SEO mistakes to avoid. We have listed a few of the major ones to consider as you build your web page for your web site. We also expand on each item further down the page for your interest. If your readers cannot find your site because Google does not rate your page or site your traffic will be low. Whether you are selling something, providing information etc. it will be difficult to achieve your objectives. These items are not in order of priority. They all need to be addressed as you build your pages to help to rank with the search engines. Ranking on the first or second page of the SERP’s can make a huge difference in your results for your web site.

  • Web Page Load Speed
  • Image Size
  • Plugin Impact
  • Caching
  • Wrong Keywords
  • Competition
  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Page Title
  • Meta Information
  • Write Awesome Content
  • Answer Readers Questions
  • Original Content
  • Call to Action – Buy, Refer to Another Page, etc.
  • Write for Mobile

SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Web Page Load Speed – readers are not willing to wait. Use an excellent service provider with high uptime and fast load time results for their servers.

Image Size – reduce image file sizes to as small as makes sense. If an image is part of a large page load, it will really slow your page and cause readers to move on before your page loads.

Plugin Impact – there are lots of great plugins available for content management systems. They all take processing power and affect your load speed. Reduce load speed as much as possible by eliminating plugins or combining plugins.

Caching – your web site can be set up to enable caching for returning customers and readers. Take advantage of this feature to reduce load times for returning readers.

Wrong Keywords – keywords are extremely important. It is tough to compete with popular keywords. Long tail keywords are much more specific and have a smaller search audience. Find the right balance between the two.

Competition – do a search for your intended keyword. If there are millions of results, it is going to be really difficult to rank well for that keyword. Find a keyword phrase that generates fewer results to reduce the competition.

More SEO Mistakes to Avoid

Long Tail Keywords – that have a natural search phrase feel to them will generate fewer search results and make it easier to rank on the first page. However, as mentioned earlier a long tail keyword may generate fewer results.

Page Title – This is the first thing readers see when they review the SERP results. Make it interesting and attractive to your readers as well as Google.

Meta Information – provides the first few words about what your page is all about. Content processing systems can auto-generate metadata for you, however, review this data to make sure it conveys exactly what your page is aimed at.

Write Awesome Content – Always write great content that is interesting and compelling. The longer your readers stay on a page the better your chances of them staying on your page longer.

Answer Readers Questions – readers are generally looking to solve a problem of some kind. Your page should help them answer their questions, find a product, solve a problem whatever it is.

Original Content – duplicate and copied content will be penalized by the search engines. Always write original content.

Call to Action – Buy, Refer to Another Page, etc. to help achieve your objectives.

Write for Mobile – mobile browsing is clearly the future and all sites must be able to portray their content in a mobile-friendly manner. There are various strategies for solving this problem from duplicate websites to plugins that detect the device used to read the content. These plugins will automatically present the content in the appropriate format.

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