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Why Are XML Sitemaps Important

What are XML sitemaps and why are SML sitemaps important to web sites and their owners? These are the two questions we will answer in this post. The first one is easy. Think of XML sitemaps as a road map for search engines to follow when they are exploring your site. It tells them the names of all of your pages, or posts. In addition, it shows where they are located on the server they reside in. Sitemaps tell the search engine when the post was updated. A sitemap can be in one of two categories. The first contains the information we just presented. The second is an XML sitemap containing a list of XML sitemaps. This file is an XML sitemap index. It points to all of the sitemaps for your website. Large websites use index files.

Why Are XML Sitemaps Important

These sitemaps point to all of the files, posts, and pages for a website. It is important to provide these roadmaps so that search engines who are indexing your site can find all of the pages quickly and easily. Without a sitemap, the search engines must rely on links within each page or post.

A search engine will not index these pages. They are not provided in search results to searchers. No one will ever find your site. You will not receive any traffic. Links are important. But so are sitemaps. Indexed the entire web site. They need to be included in search result rankings from Google and other search engines.

There are various apps available for WordPress and other content management systems. They can automatically scan your site and prepare a properly formatted XML Sitemap. They will even send it to the search engines for you.

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