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What Permalink Structure is the Best for Optimal SEO

What permalink structure is the best for optimal SEOWhat permalink structure is the best for optimal SEO? In the opinion of most SEO experts, the permalink structure that is the best is “postname”. There are several reasons for this position. When you use your focus keyword for the post as part of the post name, it is then also listed in the SERP results pages. The search engines treat the post name as another SEO factor that contributes to the overall ranking. In addition, it is much easier for navigation by both readers and bloggers if the post name is being used.

What Permalink Structure is the Best for Optimal SEO

When WordPress is initially installed, the default used for permalinks is a numeric, which really contributes nothing for SERP results. Before adding any new posts, change the permalink setting to “postname”. Click on settings and then click on permalinks. Select the postname setting and all new posts and new pages from that point forward will use the “postname” in the URL structure.

If you have already written a few posts with a numeric as a permalink, your webmaster should add 301 redirects to direct the old post to the new post using the postname convention.

Most bloggers don’t give this issue much thought. However, it is one more factor in SEO optimization to consider, and once implemented no more changes are needed.

Always select post names that are 5 to 6 words in length, avoid using stop words and use your focus keyword in the post name so that is also reflected in the permalink. As always write excellent original content that is related to the post name to ensure your readers and visitors can find the information they are looking for.

Finally, we do not recommend the use of dates as part of your post name permalink. Using a date tells the reader how old your post is. They may tend to click on newer posts and bypass yours. Even though the content is up to date and current.

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