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Website BLOG content revisions and update schedule

Website BLOG content revisions and update scheduleAs a website owner/manager, should you have a website BLOG content revisions and update schedule? The answer is most definitely yes. Some content will withstand the test of time and will always be up to date. Most content is in some way date sensitive or new information becomes available. If your site is suffering from age-related information, both readers and the search engines will become aware. Rankings will decline and readers will not stay on your site for any length of time. We believe the best way to keep your site fresh and up to date is to develop an update plan and schedule.

Website BLOG content revisions and update schedule

If you have a large site with hundreds or maybe thousands of posts, some kind of prioritization is needed. Consequently smaller sites can be handled easily by setting a schedule of once a week or more often as needed.

Many bloggers with thousands of pages can organize the updates to their pages in many different ways depending on what is important to the company. For example, the following could be some of the criteria used to set and manage update schedules:

  • New data available for various posts
  • New information
  • Brand new products or enhanced products
  • Changes to products
  • Adding details to a post
  • Updating popular posts

These are just a few examples. Some website managers might also look at poor performing pages. Improve their ranking by rewriting some pages. In other words, website managers want to improve the income stream on their site and ensure that all posts are contributing.

Develop a plan and a schedule. Subsequently, implement the plan and then assess the results. If you are not getting the improvements you were expecting, other changes and or updates might be in order.

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