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Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO

Ideal Blog Post Length for SEOWhat is the ideal blog post length for SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? The answer as it turns out is quite complicated. There is no minimum number or maximum number that you need to aim for. The answer is that every post must address the reader’s question. If you can do that in 100 words, great. Other situations or questions might take 2000 words.

In today’s environment where people are looking for fast answers, you are better off answering the question in the first paragraph. More detail can be provided in subsequent paragraphs if the reader wants more detail.

Ideal Blog Post Length for SEO – More Detail

The right content for every reader is different, but the blog should address the following:

  • Serves visitors needs by answering their questions and helping them complete their goals
  • Delivers an easy, pleasurable, accessible experience on every device and every browser
  • Gets the right information and experience to visitors FAST
  • Does all of the above better than any of the competitors in the space
  • Provides more detail if needed by the reader in subsequent paragraphs

If you can meet all of these goals in 100 words, great. If it takes more, then write the post accordingly. But do not add filler content or keyword stuffing words just to meet some apparent SEO guidelines.

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