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It is Tough to Create Great Content

Most website owners have realized that content is king. You need to have great content to help rank your site so that readers will actually see your site. If not it will be buried way down in the search results. But is it really tough to create great content? Creating good content is not too hard but the really good stuff takes time and research which most SEO writers are not willing to do for the meager amounts of money offered for an article. How do you counter this issue? Here are a few tips to help deal with finding great content for your site.

Tough to Create Great Content Issues

Have a great title – the title should spark some interest in the content. It should convey what the post is about and it should contain the keywords of the post.

Average content – if your content is average, does not spark interest, or is not entertaining then readers will move on. It also needs to be SEO optimized without being obvious to the reader.

Can you easily share content – can you share content using one click? Place share buttons right on your site like this one.

Promote your content – market your content in as many ways as possible. Tweet about your content on a regular basis. Advertise your content using Google. attend seminars etc.

No one knows your brand – you are a small site, at least in the beginning, and no one knows about you. Focus on getting your brand out there on the internet. Advertise, have great content and build readers

Ugly content – if readers find your content difficult to read, or too complex a design then they may just move on. Clean crisp sites that are easy to navigate and read are the way to go.

Too promotional – If you are too busy promoting a product or your site, readers get turned off.

Poor grammar and spelling – While readers may still get the meaning of your message, spelling, and grammar mistakes are a big turn-off.

It does not spark a response – Does your content spark interest and elicit an emotional response?


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