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How to reduce the impact of image content on your mobile site speed

image content on your mobile site speedConsumers are notoriously impatient and mobile browsers of content are no exception. In fact they expect instantaneous response from any website that they encounter. There are many factors that website administrators must take into account.  Their website must respond and meet the expectations of consumers browsing their site. Some issues are server response time, large content load from images, processing that  a page requires. The number of attacks that websites are under is another factor. Today we are going to focus on the impact of image content on your mobile site speed.

Impact of image content on your mobile site speed

Images can be mega bytes in size or small low quality images that portray the message and are of sufficient quality. A large megabyte image is going to take longer to transmit and receive on the customers mobile phone. It takes longer for the server to deliver it to the communications link, longer for the link to transmit it and longer for the smart phone to receive and process it. A smaller less dense image can be delivered much more quickly and be of sufficient quality for the user.

Website administrators should review all images that are resident on their website pages. If they are not loading quickly on a smart phone, then edit them into smaller less dense images. You may have to review every image and establish a standard for your website in terms of image size and load speed. The impact of image content on your mobile site speed can not be under estimated.

There are many other elements to consider in terms of load speed. The number of plugins you have and the time each takes to be processes is another factor impacting load speed. You may want to also load test every site and every page to determine the impact they have on mobile site speed.

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