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Small Business Web Page HostingAfter talking to a number of small business owners, we have found that many of them would like to have a web site. They want one that they can control and do their own updates. One that does not have a huge expense associated with hosting service, web designer costs and so on. They are operating on a tight budget. They need a web page hosting solution that does not cost them a lot of money. It must be easy to update. They just do not have the time to develop the skills they need. Skills to arrange for hosting or to arrange to learn HTML or some other arcane language. But they want to be able to add their own updates. They want to post some of their own content without having to pay a web site manager a fee for doing this.

Small Business Web Page Hosting Solution

This is where our service can really help our customers. Clients can achieve these objectives. For a minimal fee on an annual basis, we can provide you with a location to host all of your content. We can set you up with a service that allows you to post your own content. If you are familiar with any of the traditional word processing engines such as Microsoft word for example you can use our service. It is very easy to use and post your own content including pictures and even short videos.

We will set you up with five pages that are generic in nature. Or we can customize to your business, and provide you with a login id and password. With some initial instruction you are ready to use your own web site to provide information to your customers. It is very easy and one of our customers has just done this and is ecstatic.  Click here to view his site.

If you would like more information about this service and pricing contact us using the contact page on this site.

Content Writing for a Business Web Page

Not everyone has the time or the desire to do even what we just described above. Some business owners feel that their time is better spent focusing on the core business and have someone preparing and uploading content to their website for them. They provide the general content which is then cleaned up and uploaded to their web hosting site. We can manage the site for you.

This package of services is a bit more expensive. But still much less than what larger web design companies are charging. Click here to view our services and let us know if there are any additional questions that you may have.

Your site can be up and running in less than 24 hours. If you already have your domain name, it can be pointed at our hosting service. Redirect of the IP addresses sometimes takes 24 hours to kick in. But then your customers will be able to view your products and services online.

Check out our services and let us know how we can help you get your business web page hosting service online!

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