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Professional Web DesignersWe have all seen all kinds of web sites. Some are complex and difficult to navigate. While others have lots of graphics and do not really say very much. They do not get the message across to the reader. There are fancy web sites, with lots of colors, and animations, etc.  That is expensive to create and to keep up to date. The more complex a site is, the more expensive it is to maintain and keep current. Is this what you need for a small business website?

Great content that gets your message across about your products and services, how to contact your company and information about how to use the products and services along with saving money is really what most people are after. The fancy bells and whistles do not really do a lot for people and in some cases frustrate them.

Professional Web Designers – Basic Web Site

That’s why we deliver a basic website that tries to meet the needs of small businesses without being over the top expensive. We even have an option where we will host a site for you, install a blog content management engine and the first couple of pages, and then turn it over to you to develop your own content. Of course, we can do that for you as well. We just wanted to give small business owners who are on a tight budget or just getting started another option for building their web site and keeping it professional looking. Click here to find out more.

We can add great graphics or pictures for you as well that you provide. These pictures are jpeg files that are kept in a gallery on your blog. They can be sourced and introduced to any page or post that you wish.

Dense information I.e. Heavily populated content is hard to read and most readers do not get past the first paragraph. Stick to the point and get your message across in a few sentences.

Professional Web Designers – Budget

But how much do they cost? Click here to view our rates or contact us for the special hosting option with the blog install. It is very inexpensive and as long as you are willing to do some work updating and adding content, it might be the right answer for you.

Is it worth it?  What is the return on investment? This is what everyone wants to know. Developing a basic web site that is professional looking is not difficult.  Your return on investment can be measured by asking clients to let you know how they found you and placing a counter on the web site. You can add contact forms and comment areas. Add the URL to your business cards and all other advertising. Get your website out there.

What about stats?

We also can install a stat counter on your site and arrange for an email sent once per week to you to advise you regarding how many people come to your site and return to your site.

Do it yourself or hire a web site developer

The hard part is getting started and setting the basics up. Once you have a site, business owners can add their own content whenever they need to, or they can hire someone to do it for them. It basically comes down to the price they want to pay to keep a website up to date.
Check us out!

We provide hosting, a basic blog, add your content as needed, and help you grow as your business and online presence grows. It is an inexpensive way to get started.  Contact us today for a free estimate.


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