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Small Business NeedsSmall business needs never seem to end. The owner / operator can be stretched really thin in terms of time as well as financially. They need to keep their business going and expand it to grow sales. They must also provide support to existing customers. It can be tempting to develop your own website yourself and interesting as well. But is this something that you really want to take on in view of all of the other things that your small business needs to address? If you do not have the knowledge, you have to learn it and still invest the time to do all of the other things a small business start-up needs.

We ask this question because we can add a small business web site for you with little expense. We can have you up and running quickly and provide the right structure to allow future expansion as your time permits and company success demands.

Small Business Needs – Basic Website

We can add a small web site with five pages covering the basic information all companies need to get you started. These include the main company web page that describes who you are and the services and products that are offered. Next we have an “about” page that provides a little more information about you and your company. A contact page for people who need to get in touch by phone, email or even snail mail if desired.

We also include two more pages or posts that can be used to describe products or services in more detail. These pages can be used for anything that is desired. Of course you are not limited to just 5 pages. You, your employees or ourselves can add more posts as needed to the web site and needed. Many customers will have a page providing a list of frequently asked questions. This helps their customers find the information they need without having to contact you and take both their time and yours as well.

As your company grows or you add more products, you or your employees can add pages as needed. If you would prefer we can add additional content as well on your behalf. We just need the basic information and instructions regarding anything specific that you need. Adjustments are easy to perform and can be accomplished by either party.

Feel free to contact us about setting up you small company web site today. We can have one set up for you in no time at all with your company logo, pictures and text etc.

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