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SEO Mobile Website Development Considerations

SEO Mobile Website Development ConsiderationsThe world is quickly moving to a mobile world where the majority of web searches, browsing, and viewing of content, eCommerce, etc are being completed using mobile devices. If your website cannot be viewed, cannot be read using a mobile phone, tablet or netbook, you are going to miss a huge market. SEO mobile website development considerations should be part of every website’s plan. In fact, if you are not designing a website for mobile, you have already lost the war.

Not only web sites need to be considered. All apps are now being developed with mobile devices in mind. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or a netbook, your apps and website content needs to be flexible. It needs to be presented to meet the technology being used to view this content. Initially, that meant that content needed to be re-purposed so that it could be read on a small screen. This meant effectively two or more sites,. Each with the same content delivered to different devices. Very difficult to keep in sync, both in functionality and content accuracy.

SEO Mobile Website Development Considerations

Designers today are building content and functionality once. They use a presentation layer to deliver the content. It is delivered in the proper format for the device being used to read the post. This is the way WordPress and other content management systems are now working.

When someone comes to a website to view content, information is sent answering the basic request. As well as indicating the type of device that it will be presented on. With the appropriate app installed as part of the WordPress content management system, the content will be presented to fit the screen of the reader.

This site currently uses Jetpak and one of the apps residents in Jetpak to configure all content in the appropriate manner for the device used to read it.

Readers will spend less than a second looking at content that is too small for them to read before moving on. Don’t waste an opportunity, prepare your site for mobile viewing.

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