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How to Rate SEO tasks and Invest in High Return Work Items

How to Rate SEO tasksThere are literally hundreds of SEO tasks that could be applied to your business web site. Your Website design team will ensure that the high profile tasks are considered during design and implementation. But How to Rate SEO tasks when some take more effort than others and if you have an older site, how do you rate the SEO task and invest in high return items? There are multiple approaches, however the standard approach of collecting ideas, requirements from all stakeholders and then ranking them based on an agreed set of priorities works well for most teams. You may have to convince managers who are not so SEO savvy and that is where it gets difficult.

How to Rate SEO tasks and Invest in High Return Work Items

The first task is to collect a list of all of the SEO tasks that your design team feels are needed. Next request input from stakeholders such as marketing, operations and customer support. Create a priority ranking scheme and rank all SEO tasks.

Your ranking scheme will be different the next company simply because there are different priorities within your company. Even departments will have different priorities than the design team etc.

Next an evaluation of what it will take to implement each task and what the expected gain will be once completed. Perhaps there are new products to be added to the website which will drive revenue. Perhaps there are new hires needed and human resources is really under the gun to acquire applicants. Maybe your older posts and pages need to be upgraded to reflect changing SEO guidelines. Which in turn will drive more traffic to your site.

Once you have completed the prioritization process, the next step is to estimate completion dates. Set targets and get on with the job. Note that management will want status reports on a regular basis. They want to know how well your team is doing on each SEO task. They will also want to be able to measure the results of any changes that are made. Measuring success is a key element of how to rate SEO tasks and invest in high return work items.

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