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Professional Web Site ServicesMost small business customers are looking for a basic web site. It should come across in a professional manner without having to spend a lot of money to develop it. They want something they can link their customers to. They want an URL that they can show on their business cards. A site that they can easily update from time to time. They may or may not link to the social side of the internet with Twitter and Facebook. That is ok, it can come later once they see the value of these sites.

Professional Web Site Services

A professionally design site may look great, be a nice clean site providing all of the basic information, but it may not be easily found unless your customers have the exact address to type into their browsers. You really want to make sure the site can be found.  Without adequate search engine indexing and advertising your site will not be easily found by any new customers.

Online advertising is one method to use. Google for example provides a service that a website owner can use to advertise their site on other customers web sites. It is called Google AdWords and works very well. However, there is a cost to it based on the number of times your advertisement is clicked on. It is best to set up a monthly budget for advertising if you plan to use this approach. Ensure that your costs are kept to a reasonable level.

Professional Web Site Services – SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO also works. This page is an example of what is needed to increase the indexing of a site, in this case, our site. Google and Yahoo as well as Bing use various algorithms to figure out what information to display. Always have great original content that provides information to the searcher in the area they are looking for. The search engines will rank your site higher. They will show your information on the first page of search results. If you are down on the 50th page, you will never be seen and no one will come to your site.

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Social networking such as Twitter and Facebook pages and tweets can be set up to increase your company’s exposure. A company’s web site can obviously go far beyond the basic 5-page web site that provides contact information, where to find you, the services offered, etc. however if you are looking to get started with a basic web site which can evolve to something more complex later on, contact us via our contact page for more information. Click here.


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