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Best Business Web DesignIn our last post, we discussed some of the areas to focus on when it comes to setting up the best business websites. In this post, we wanted to discuss design issues for the best business web design for basic web sites. What are the design issues that need to be addressed? These include a basic layout that is easy to navigate, and easy for customers to find the information they need. Functionality is also important. There should be no broken links within the website and to other websites that you might link to.

Many people like fancy websites that have lots of colors and links. A basic site with great content will surpass a complex website every time in terms of visits and the ability of the owner to keep it up to date. Complex websites just take a lot more time to maintain. Customers and readers also have difficulty navigating complex web sites. They may miss important information on your site as a result. Here is some more detail.

Best Business Web Design – Keep it Simple

Maintenance of a web site means that you keep the content fresh and that updates are completed on a regular basis. If you allow customer interaction on your website, this too must be able to be maintained. You must react to your customers. Provide updates for a variety of questions posed by customers. The message is that the more functionality is provided on your site, the more time must be spent keeping it fresh.

If you allow comments, reply to those comments and address reader questions. If you are the owner of the site, then you will need to budget time to do these updates. You may need to budget to pay someone to do the work on your behalf. Keeping a website simple and straightforward will allow you to focus on the content and not on the graphics which really do not add to search engine indexation.

Best Business Web Design – Search Engine Indexation

There are many steps that SEO experts believe will help a website achieve the first page on search results. The primary solution is to have excellent content, fresh content, original content, and content that is written around the keywords that are associated with your industry and business. If you do not have this type of content, internet readers, your customers, etc will never find you using a search engine because they will never be presented with your website in the search results.

The best-designed web sites will incorporate SEO into their daily and weekly schedules of updates and adding fresh material. Other forms of advertising also may be of interest as well to increase readership. A strong social media presence on Twitter and Facebook, for example, business cards with the web site address, invoices with the web site address, etc will also help to increase traffic which in turn demonstrates to the search engines that this is a viable website.

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