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Avoid SEO Copywriting Errors

Avoid SEO Copywriting ErrorsWriters work hard to avoid SEO copywriting errors on posts and pages on their websites. But what are the common mistakes that many writers make and what are search engines looking for as well? Ultimately a writer wants his or her page to be indexed and presented to readers on search results. The worst thing that can happen is that the SEO grading is so low that the page ends up at the bottom of a long list of search results. We will examine a few of these issues and most readers will realize that these items are just common sense, but many people still make them.

Avoid SEO Copywriting Errors – Common Errors

The most common and most important is poor content. If it is not original and well written then both the reader and the search engines are going to pass on it giving a high bounce rate and low index rating. This can be the kiss of death for many pages and posts online.

A major contributor to bad content is when writers cram SEO keywords into the text. This process makes awkward sentences and difficult to read text. Sentences may end up being too long and some may not even make sense. Use keywords where and when they make sense and can be comfortably included in the sentence structure.

Long paragraphs, endless sentences, poor grammar, and poor spelling are all contributors to SEO issues. There is nothing more difficult to read than a sentence that is full of spelling mistakes. Focus on getting these items right in your post. Use apps or widgets to help you with both grammar and spelling.

Spell checkers are not infallible. Read each sentence to make sure that the right interpretation of a word is being used or corrected by the spell checker.

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