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Write Original Researched Interesting Content

write-original-researched-interesting-contentGoogle and in fact all of the search engines have been improving their search algorithms to provide better results to their customers when they are searching for information online. Over the years various websites have tried a variety of schemes to arrive at the top of the search results so that online readers will click on their links. Original Researched Interesting Content is the mantra that we should all follow.

Google has launched a variety of programs, nicknames Panda and Penguin along with earlier releases to improve these results so that bloggers and webmasters cannot game the results. The upshot of all of this is that bloggers and website designers are now focusing on providing better-quality content. This is a good trend for everyone since everyone benefits. Readers get better quality content, web owners get better results and web designers can focus on a quality website rather than try to adjust websites each time Google updates its algorithm.

Original Researched Interesting Content

The next time a web design company promises that they will place your website on the first page of the search results for a given term, take the time to understand exactly what they are saying and promising. Writing original researched interesting content about your products and services is pretty easy to do, but will anyone find you when they are searching?

How will they ensure that your content appears in the top 10 search results? What happens when Google or Bing or Yahoo updates its search algorithm? Chances are they will skate around this issue and talk about needing to do more work to keep your site well up in the search results. This is the code for spending more money.

We happen to think that you need to be adding new content all of the time that is fresh and interesting to your clients and readers. We also believe that you need to review your older content from time to time to make sure that it is still accurate and describes your products or services accurately. As you add more and more content there will be more and more information for your readers.

Google Objectives

This is what Google is aiming for, originally researched interesting content that is current and up to date. This content remains that way regardless of what release of search software Google throws at it. The next thing that website owners realize is that they also need to have multiple advertising strategies to help their customers find their websites. Links on Facebook links on business cards and invoices, traditional advertising, and links on all emails that are sent to customers and suppliers. The point is to make sure that your website is well-advertised and provides the kind of information your customers are looking for.

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