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Web for Small BusinessA small business web site must have several basic elements to be successful in terms of meeting customer needs. Also, the web for Small businesses to be found by the search engines. We will discuss these two aspects in this post. We also describe why business owners who are focused on developing, building and running their business need to care about a web site for their company.

To begin with, a company website should describe the company. The services or products offered by the company and how to contact the company should be covered. It is a way to communicate with readers who they are and what they do. This is the basic information that tells the reader who you are and what you care about. It should be easy to navigate and customers should have no problem understanding what you are offering.

Once you have described your company, the next part is even more important. It is one of the reasons we are writing pages such as this one. We want the search engines to find us and index us in a manner that allows customers to find us. The same is true for your company’s web site. Business owners need to invest in basic Search Engine Optimized material. This will tell the search engines such as Google and Yahoo as well as Bing that you are available and what your company does.

Web for Small Business – SEO Indexing

They will index your site and present the results to consumers who search for your products and services. If you end up on page 50 or page 1000 of the results, customers will never find you and you will not receive traffic to your web site and no opportunity to convert them to paying customers. Basically you need a page for each of the possible search terms that might be used to find products or services that your company provides. That is one of the reasons we are issuing new pages every week or so that talk about web sites for small businesses.

It is really a page of advertising about what your company will offer to customers. We provide web site hosting, web site construction and maintenance for small business owners. You can find out more details about what we offer on our pages along the right-hand side. They cover services as well as prices. There is also an option where we host and build the web site, then open it up for our customers to add their own content. This is an opportunity for the small business to tightly manage editorial control while at the same time keeping costs under control.

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