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web-site-small-businessThere are lots of things to consider when developing a web site for small business. Aside from the overall design, hosting, domain name and registration there’s also the content that should be included on the website. We have tackled a number of these issues on other posts on this website. One thing that most people, business owners, and website developers forget is security! This is an important aspect of all web sites, for small business as well as personal web sites. If you do not pay attention to this issue, you will be hacked. It starts with having a secure password that is not easily figured out.

Web site small business – Security

Hackers can gain access to your website through many different means. They may come in through the back door through your hosting company. The situation develops when they gain access to the server that your site is hosted on. They come through someone else’s site and they are able to infect your files.

Another approach is to provide comments on some of your pages. They come with links to malware, phishing sites, and pages that contain code that will infect your website. Always be careful about comments that you approve and review all links before approving them.

Poor password policies can also allow hackers to gain access. If your password is not a strong password you may find your site compromised. A password should consist of letters and numbers as well as symbols, some capital letters, and lowercase letters. If not then your site may be accessible to hackers. Some people will use really simple passwords which allow hackers to gain access quite easily. Use a password design tool to pick one that is considered strong and difficult to break.

Web site small business – Access

If you have a number of people accessing your site to perform various functions they will all need a password to gain access. Password management is critical in situations like this. Frequent changes in passwords, security of passwords and avoiding sending passwords by email are factors that can enhance security for your business website.

In summary, protect your website, your passwords and IDs for your website like it was your bank account. You don’t give that information out easily and don’t give out your passwords for access to your website easily either.

One hacker even tried to guest post on one of our sites with hidden malware in the guest post. Fortunately we caught it before it was posted to our website and did any damage. Always be on guard and use virus detection programs to check all of your software on your website and the pages that are posted on your Business website. Among all of the other things that you need to do on your web site pay a lot of attention to web site security.

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