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Simple SEO Techniques

Simple SEO TechniquesSearch engine optimization is never really completed. There are always improvements and tweaks that webmasters implement. If you have a large site or many sites to maintain it is important to prioritize. Focus on the items that will return the best improvements for your effort.  If you have a large site, these simple SEO techniques can be tackled using 30 minutes of your time every day. Sure you have lots to do every day, however, if you focus on these items each day gradually your site will improve SERPs.

Simple SEO Techniques

This is our list. If you have others that you feel are more important, by all means, let us know. We will add them to the post and give you a link back to your site.

Update lowest performing posts – update the tags, meta descriptions, spelling and grammar. Program to do one job a day if that makes more sense for your time commitments.

Optimize Images – large files take a long time to load. Speed is essential if you want to retain the reader. Reduce image size to enable fast loading of pages.

Canonicalization of your domain – tell the search engines which one is your main site so that they do not treat and as two different sites with duplicate content.

Duplicate data – use webmaster tools to verify that there are no duplicate meta descriptions and title tags.

Update Image Alt tags – all images should have this data filled in so that the search engines can index the image and include them in search results.

404 Error codes – review and repair all broken links on your site.

Internal Linking – identify those pages that you want to consistently link to and ensure that all are in working order.

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