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Should we worry about thin content?

thin contentThe answer is to absolutely worry about thin content if you want your website to rank well in search results. Focus on whatever topic or market you are aiming at. The search engines have traditionally labeled sites with thin content as not being worthy of having the information that their clients are looking for. However, this may be changing as they become more sophisticated at indexing website pages for presentation in search results. Thin content is only one of the variables they look at and we will discuss this in more detail.

Thin Content – Does it Answer the Question

A page with thin content can in fact answer the question that the consumer is looking for. Take for example, “when does daylight savings time begin?”. Search for this string. You will find many pages that have content that is very limited and answers the client’s question.

If the page is informative, useful, adds value, and has the necessary quality for the topic being searched for, then a thin content page could in fact rank very high in search results. As SEO webmasters we need to make sure that the content we write addresses these issues for our customers. While at the same time ensuring a well-ranked page so that the page has a chance of being clicked on when presented in the search results.

We still need to take typical search terms that customers will use. Create pages around these terms while delivering the results that the searcher is looking for. Thin content can be ok in some situations. In other situations for more complex subjects a longer piece of text needs to be used to fully explain the topic, deliver the answer the customer is looking for, etc.

In summary, all content must be informative, useful, add value, and has the necessary quality for the topic being searched for. Maybe this is all I needed to say rather than going into detail to explain this topic. What do you think?

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