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SEO Firms in OttawaThere are many SEO Firms in Ottawa that have recently hung out their shingle online and are advertising their capabilities to anyone that will listen. Another has joined the fold, Calgary SEO Specialists and you wonder why should I even consider these guys especially when they are not even from the area. Well, there are a number of reasons that you may consider, all of which are important when it comes to making business decisions on how you will spend your marketing and advertising dollars. SEO marketing is the reason.

Too many of these companies focus only on SEO i.e. get the search engines to index your page and list you in the top 10 search results. Calgary SEO Specialists also focuses on the marketing side of the job as well. Not only do you want someone to come to your site, but you also want them to call your company or buy your products. Conversion of the searcher into a customer is were it really counts. That’s what SEO Firms in Ottawa focus on.

Local SEO Firms in Ottawa

The first point that should be considered is that we have a local presence so although our name is Calgary SEO Specialists, we have a local member of our team who has been building Web sites for many years and in particular following SEO guidelines to attract traffic to their web sites. They have also been involved in marketing activities throughout their career and bring this expertise to the design of the site and the content that will be added to your site. This is a specialized business and it is important to hire someone who understands the business and not just someone who talks SEO.

Web Marketing

Secondly, what you are really looking for is web advertising or marketing. SEO is just the technical way that one implements a web site to achieve better results from an advertising perspective. If the company that you hire does not understand this nuance, chances are that you may have a great looking web site, but no one is going to visit it. SEO Firms in Ottawa do understand these issues.

Have you ever wondered why your web site never appears on the first page of search results? Then some guy comes along and builds a web page with your companies name in it. They do a search showing how he got you on the first page. Sure he got you on the first page. He used your companies name or a unique phrase that no one will ever search for!

SEO Catch Phrase

The objective is to use phrases that people commonly search for. The objective is to get you on the first or second page of those search results. There is a scientific method for making this happen. If you are on the first page you stand a much better chance of having customers select your web page! Next, you need a great catchphrase right at the front that is displayed with the search results. Now you are on the first page. You have the best catchphrase which attracts customers to your web site and not the competition! This is what makes them chose your site over the other 9 results that are displayed on the page.

This is what SEO is all about. Only firms with the experience can really put it all together to provide this type of service and results together. In fact, Calgary SEO Specialists are so confident of the service provided that they do not even ask for a contract or a down payment. They do suggest that you give it three months to see the results before making a decision. There are a variety of service levels and pricing to choose from. The services offered are fully outlined on their web site along with testimonials. There are even keyword studies that have been completed for various customers.

Check us out and give us your full consideration. Spending your money is always a decision that is taken carefully, regardless of the business that you are in. With web marketing using an SEO firm with experience is always a better way to go.

For more information about our services and pricing, take a moment, and visit their web site. Click here for more information.


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