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SEO Content Marketing Deadly Sins

SEO Content Marketing Deadly SinsWhile readers may disagree on what SEO guidelines to follow, one they do agree on is content! If you do not jab great content that readers are interested in, your site will not do well. As we were writing this post about SEO content marketing dealt sins, we wondered what are the worst mistakes you can make.  The following are six SEO content marketing deadly sins that we think apply to SEO content!

SEO Content Marketing Deadly Sins

No Plan, No Gain – you must have a plan! What is your content strategy? What readers are you focused on? How are you helping your readers and customers? Every site is different so each plan is unique.

Are you too Greedy – Broadcasting posts and trying to be something to everyone seldom works. Focus on your niche, help your customers and they will reward you with a loyal readership.

Updates to Your Blog – is your content getting stale or out of date? Does it refer to products you no longer offer or have been updated? Customers get very frustrated when they experience these deadly sins!

Focus on the Reader – Never mind trying to write content for search engines and ranking systems. Focus on high-quality content for your readers and customers using words that they would typically use to find your products and services.

Don’t Focus on Spiders – do your research to find the appropriate keywords and format your content following good SEO rules. You want the spiders to find you and index you. But most importantly, you should write high-quality content that is interesting and helpful to your readers.

Lack of Diversification – diversify your content and then share it across several platforms that make sense for your business and your industry. Facebook, Instagram, slide decks, and pdf documents are examples of what you might consider.

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