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Why do you Need Great Blog Post Meta Descriptions

Why do you Need Great Blog Post Meta DescriptionsOur last post discussed why do you need great blog post meta title tags. This post is focused on why do you need great blog post meta descriptions? Both the title tag and the description of your post contribute a great deal to the SEO ranking of your web page in the search engine results.

Make them great, along with well-chosen keywords and your web page will rank well in the search results which is the first step in having an actual human being look at your content. You want to be in the first page of search results and preferably above the fold so that readers will review your listing and make a decision to click on your web page vs. someone else. Use your keywords in the description, but have them make sense as well. Avoid keyword stuffing, this turns the search engines off as well as readers.

Why do you Need Great Blog Post Meta Descriptions – CMS

Content management systems like WordPress will automatically create your meta description tag for you. They use the first few words of your post. You can also manually create them as well. However, in both cases make sure they are of high quality. They should describe the content of your post in a few words to entice the reader to click on your post.

This brings us to the second reason why do you need a great blog post meta description. Readers have lots of information available to them. There are millions of competing websites. You want to make your summary, description, or snippet as they are sometimes called as attractive as possible. Are you solving the reader’s question? If he or she clicks on the post, will they get the answers they are looking for? Always focus on high-quality content using the keywords you are focused on. Avoid keyword stuffing. This can make the content look unnatural and difficult to read or even make sense of.

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