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High Priority Search Engine Optimization

high priority search engine optimizationProducing enough quality content is the single largest challenge for any web site owner. You can break down high priority search engine optimization further by looking at the following three factors. Producing quality content, producing enough content, and budgeting to produce content. These three factors according to the graph above account for 77% of the challenge. If you focus on these three areas and get it right, you are well on the way to meeting your SEO goals.

High Priority Search Engine Optimization

We will enlarge on these three topics in more detail to help readers understand what they really need to focus on.

Producing quality content – your readers are looking for information to address whatever question they are trying to answer. The search engines are also trying to make sure they deliver search results that address these questions. make sure your content is focused on the title and the short description provided by the search results. Poor content usually means a lower ranking for starters.

If your page title is bang on the subject, but your content is weak or does not address the question readers are looking for they will quickly move to another page or go back to the search results. This is known as bounce rate. If your bounce rate is high, your ranking will descend further. Low rankings likely mean your page will never be seen by readers on the search engine results pages.

Producing enough content

Posts about your content subject need to be prolific and focused on the products and services that you offer. At the same time, writers need to anticipate what search terms readers will use to conduct searches. Write pages for all the common search terms that readers may use to find your products and services. This may take some research to find all of these terms.

Budgeting to produce content

One of the single largest roadblocks to quality content is budget. If you do not allow sufficient time to write high-quality content, to update it on a regular basis, and to make adjustments as search engines up their game your site will not rank well. Set aside dedicated hours to focus on writing content. Include updating content and improving the technical aspects of your pages on a weekly basis.

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