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Evolution Long Tail Mobile Keyword

Evolution Long Tail Mobile KeywordFor those of you who may not be fully aware of how keywords work, the evolution long-tail mobile keyword is changing once again, this time for mobile phones. But before we discuss this topic a quick refresher on how keywords work and what they cost. Common keywords that are short one or two words are expensive to advertise using Adwords/ There is a great deal of competition for them as shown by the graph. There is a lot of traffic, they are expensive and there is lots of competition. Long-tail keywords with 4 or more words are searched for less frequently. They have less traffic and cost less in programs like google’s Adwords.

Mobile phones are increasing in use for just about everything including searching for information. The search engines are paying a lot of attention to this requirement and have begun changing the way results of searches are presented to the mobile phone owner.

Evolution Long Tail Mobile Keyword

Previously search results were presented to the mobile phone user for apps they already had installed on their phone. This limited the search results and value the searchers received. The change means that now search results will include results for all relevant information. Even if the app is not installed on the phone.

This step levels the playing field for app developers and companies and also makes content even more important. If your app is not installed on a smartphone or tablet, you can still get your information and your app displayed in search results on mobile phones. There is a chance of selling more apps and also whatever products or services you may be delivering.

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