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We have all seen many fancy websites that look great and would be considered cool. But does a cool Web design really work in terms of attracting clients and completing sales.? The bottom line for any company is whether an investment generates additional business. Designing and developing a website is really no different. The amount of money and time that you spend developing your website needs to generate the sales and customer demand that you’re looking for and meet the overall objectives for your company. The bottom line is that all web sites need to be indexed by search engines, they need to rank high enough to be seen by people searching for your topic and they need to be able to convert the reader to an interested customer. A tall order that goes far beyond what might be considered to be cool.

What About Search Engine Traffic

The writer believes that a cool website is not necessarily the answer. The website must be designed so that the search engines can find it and index it for the search terms that relate to your companies services and products. The cool website with lots of graphics may not achieve those results if the search engines cannot properly index your website.

Focus on search engine optimization or SEO as it is commonly referred to. This means having lots of original high-quality content that describes the services and products that you provide from your company. The search engines will index this content and return it in the search results to people who are looking for the kind of services and products that you deliver.

You may also decide to have a cool looking website with lots of graphics, but don’t forgo the SEO approach to ensure the search engines will properly index your content and deliver those results to people who are searching for the services and products that you sell.

Continuous Updates

Another common mistake is to develop your website and then forget it. After all it is online and available to customers to look at.

Content needs to be continuously updated, new content added and kept interesting for your readers and customers. If you do not follow this practice you will find that less and less traffic is directed to your website.

Develop a routine where new content is added on a weekly basis. Existing content, particularly the older content is updated to maintain its currency and relatedness to your company’s products and services. The search engines will love this and realize that this is an active website being maintained and updated on a regular basis. They will reward this effort by improving the indexing of your content in better search results. This usually means more customers and more sales which is what every company is looking for!

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