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Affordable SEO Services in Ottawa

Affordable SEO Services in OttawaIn a post 4 weeks ago we talked about how a Calgary company had teamed up to provide affordable SEO services in the Ottawa area.  Calgary SEO Specialists and Global Com Team Up discussed the services and pricing that they offered and why customers may want to consider this service. If you have a web site that is not receiving the traffic that you think you should be receiving, why not give us a call. We can discuss your needs and how we can help get on the first page of Google search results.

This post is focused on just how affordable SEO service in Ottawa can be compared to other SEO companies and certainly compared to the old-style advertising media. The first point we wanted to make is that people talk about SEO all of the time which means Search Engine Optimization. before your eyes glaze over and you head off of this page, think of SEO as really efficient web advertising! That is only if it is done right and managed on an ongoing basis. Anyone who tells you something different is just selling the concept and not delivering web marketing to you that will bring results.

Web Marketing and Web Advertising

Web marketing or web advertising is all about attracting consumers who are browsing on the internet. They are surfing from site to site looking for information about subjects that they are interested in. To do this they use search engines, they use twitter, they use facebook and they use referrals. Consumers are also increasingly using smart phones to do this searching so if your web site is not also optimized for mobile browsing you are also losing a huge market.

This web site for example automatically recognizes what hardware and browser you are using and delivers content to you that is optimized for your device, regardless of the type of smart phone or desk top device. So when we talk about affordable SEO services in Ottawa, these are just a few of the things that you need to take into account while deciding what company to use when hiring a web advertising firm.

Affordable SEO Services in Ottawa – No Down Payment

There are other points we wanted to emphasize regarding affordable SEO services in Ottawa. Do you have to sign up for a contract or not and  is a big down payment?  Many companies are afraid of doing a lot of work. They are worried their customer will cancel on them just as the web site is ready to launch.

As a result they demand an upfront fixed price. Then a monthly fee after that. In our case, we simply suggest that you commit to a three-month commitment of monthly fees. This gives us sufficient time to build your web site and start delivering traffic to you. This is qualified traffic that could be potential sales for you. There is no contract so if you do decide to opt out, you can with no problem. However, we believe that our service will more than meet your demands and expectations. There will be no question that you will want to continue with our service.

Affordability is a Big Issue for Many Companies

There is no question that budgets are tight. Companies both large and small can ill afford to throw money at something they are unsure of. Yet every day business people throw money at traditional advertising media. They have no idea whether it is being successful for them or not.

The world moving to smart phones to surf the web and everyone is avoiding traditional advertising on the TV. Don’t you think it is time to switch to something that delivers results that you can monitor and review. Confirm how many customers visit your web site and convert to paying customers? We think so. That is why we teamed up with Calgary SEO Specialists to deliver affordable SEO services in the Ottawa area.

For more information about our services and pricing, take a moment and visit their web site. Click here for more information.



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    Hello Comitdevelopers,Interesting Thoughts I am fairly intelligent, not by any means a natural at computers though. I am disabled and am looking for a job I can do at home on the computer (a Mac). How would I go about learning SEO so that I could be an individual provider of SEO services, are there classes for it, or online courses, and how hard/how long would it be to learn?Catch you again soon!

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