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Best Designed Websites

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Best Designed WebsitesWe just met with a company who has a really nice web site. It is professionally done, conveys all of the information that is needed about the company, all pages seem to work and they have someone who maintains the site from a 3rd party company.  In our judgement it might qualify as one of the best designed websites, except for one aspect which was the reason they asked to meet with me. They do not have any tracking information at all on their site so they have no idea of how many hits they are getting each day or month for that matter and they have no information about who is visiting their site. They might be missing leads and potential customers. Every web site should have some form of tracking either visible or invisible to gather this kind of valuable information.

Best Designed Websites – Tracking

There are many reasons to have some kind of a stat counter on a web site. Even just basic information such as how much traffic they are receiving will help convince management that the site is worthwhile spending advertising $ on. What browsers are being used. What search engines are being used to find this web site. Where are the visitors coming from and are they returning. How long do they stay on the site? Which pages do they spend time on and how are they moving about the site? All of these questions and more can be easily answered with a simple tracking code place on every page of the site.

Best Designed Websites – SEO

Know how many visitors you are receiving. Focus on bringing more traffic to your web site and be able to track it. When you make changes you will be able to see just how much impact the change has. This is extremely important if you are attempting to demonstrate results for your management team. It help justify the money and time that is being spent.

SEO or search engine optimization is all about the art of having content that the search engines index. The best designed websites must have this attribute in order to garner traffic from real customers. Don’t forget that the best designed web sites also containing tracking tools as well.

For more information  about this topic as well as designing a web site for your company, call us today. Click here of more posts about this subject.


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Design Business Web Site

March 22nd, 2014 ernie Posted in Small Business 2 Comments »

Small Business Web Sites to match your budget

Small Business Web Sites to match your budget

Designing a business web site can be relatively easy with today’s online tools and processes. Chose the domain name. This is the name of your website that you will provide users, customers and acquaintances. This website name is commonly referred to as the URL. It is the name of your online Company website. Then you need storage space and a content management system or CMS.

Storage Space or Web Hosting

Obtain storage space on a server located somewhere in what today is called the cloud. There are many companies that provide storage space. They can be located anywhere in the world. All you need is the IP address of the server which you will use when you are setting up your URL.

Obtain a Domain Name

Once you have your storage space and address you can then point your domain name towards the server. It will provide the storage that you have reserved. You also need to make sure that there is something on the server to respond to customers or browsers of your web site.

Now you have a domain name which is pointing to a server that has no information on it. The next step to design business web site is to install a content management system. This system manage all of your data including text, images and any charts etc. that you might be using on your website.

A typical content management system is WordPress. WordPress is a very popular content management system used by millions of websites around the world. It is user-friendly, easy to install and once set up is extremely easy to update content and to add new content for your readers.

Design Business Web Site Services

We offer all of these services for you and will install and build your website to your design. Once the website including the content management system is installed and the first few pages created. Business owners have the option of updating their own content at their convenience or having us provide and develop additional content for them.

We like to use information that they provide in terms of pictures, images, videos and text from your company. This helps ensure that everything is accurate and portrays the image that you’re looking for regarding your online presence.

As we mentioned business owners can update their own content or have us do it for them.  These content management systems are easy to use once set up. There is no need to have a lot of IT knowledge. For more information about creating a business website, maintaining a business website please send us an email or give us a call to discuss in more detail.

For small business ideas and suggestions, click here.

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Small Business Entrepreneur

January 21st, 2014 ernie Posted in Small Business No Comments »

Small Business EntrepreneurSmall business entrepreneurs have lots to think about while getting a new business started. From financing to design, production, shipping and support there are so many to keep them all straight. As a result you may not focus ona quality web site.

Their web site, their content and the communications messages are just one element among hundreds of issues. Even getting a web site launched can be a challenge with all of the items that need to be addressed. There is simply not enough time to cover everything and many things must be prioritized and delegated.

Small Business Entrepreneur – Hosting and Content Management

A hosting site and a content management system that allows easy updates on the fly are really appreciated. Business entrepreneurs can update their own pages or arrange for professional website designers to build their web sites for them. Content managers can add content that describes the company’s business, their services and products as needed.

Your communications team can focus on communications and not spend time on IT issues! IT web site issues can be a drain on resources as well as time.  Using a flexible content management system with built-in hosting is one of the more important decisions to make.

Use WordPress Content Management Systems

We use WordPress as a content management system for this site. Although this one is a simple straightforward web site, readers can certainly see how a site can be put together and updated easily on a regular basis. Once it is set up, just focus on what new content needs to be added along with videos or pictures. Now you are using your time efficiently!

We can set up a basic site for you and your start up business, then turn the web site over to your for ongoing maintenance and / or updates. You need to focus on adding new content or functionality.

We can assist with your content as well, make sure that it is optimized for your business and optimized for your customers as well. Search engine optimized content is also important if consumers are going to find you when they search for information about the services or products you provide. There is a lot of competition out there and online advertising is no different.

Let up help you become successful and meet your entrepreneurial goals! Contact us by phone or send us an email today for more information. Our prices are reasonable. Content management is set up so that your own team can perform updates. Or you can contract updates to us as well.

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Small Business Domain

November 21st, 2013 ernie Posted in Small Business No Comments »

Small Business DomainSetting up a small business domain and company website does not have to be complicated or expensive.

Business owners have a relatively small budget for online services like websites.  There are really three elements that need to be focused on when you are developing your website and which many small business owners do not want to be involved with simply because they do not have the time.  The first is to obtain a domain name. This is the address or URL that you type into your browser to find the website.  The second service that is required is a place to host your website.  Your domain name will be pointed at this address.  The address represents a server operating somewhere on the Internet which will provide and upload your content to customers that are browsing your small business website.

Small Business Domain – Content Management System

A content management system is the next component that is required in order for you to introduce content onto your website and deliver the content to your customers.  Many content management systems are available however we use a content management system called WordPress for our customers and also for ourselves.  This Web engine or content management system is a great tool for people who are not interested in developing their own HTML code and do not want to spend a lot of time trying to configure their own web pages.

WordPress is much like Microsoft Word in some perspectives with spelling checks and grammar identification and correction.  Many different widgets can be added to provide additional functionality specific to the needs of your website and your company.  Spelling checks, formatting, statistics and many others can be added.

Small Business Domain – Let Us Build Your Web Site For You

Our company uses WordPress and in fact this blog is being driven by a WordPress installation.  Your domain name and small business website can also be installed inexpensively with a content management system such as WordPress. Within a few hours you can be up and running with basic information.  We can also develop and enter content for you. Which includes text as well as images and video are also possible.

Once the web site is up and running, your team can make their own updates. Or arrange for a member of our team to do the updates for you. Many web site owners like this approach as another means of managing their costs. This approach provides then with the flexibility they need to manage their content and their costs.

Give us a call or check out some of our pricing and options and let us  build your website for you.

For more posts about setting up small business web sites, click here.

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Small Business Blog Sites

November 7th, 2013 ernie Posted in Small Business No Comments »

Small Business Blog SitesSmall business blog sites are one of the least expensive ways to introduce a company website and  still maintain it with up-to-date information about your company, your product and your services.  Once they are set up, most people can update the company blog site. They need to know how to use a computer and log onto a website.  Of course you want the website to look professional. There should be no spelling and grammar mistakes and a few pictures as well to enhance the site.  A good content management system such as WordPress is a great way to manage your small business blog site.

Small Business Blog Sites – Adding Content and Media

Adding content and media is quite straightforward and most people who know how to use a computer, word processing and images or even video can handle and use WordPress.  We offer a hosting service plus a fully installed and configured content management system utilizing WordPress at inexpensive prices for your company.  We can also setup your domain if required however many businesses already will have their own domain and simply point it at the hosting site were the Web WordPress blog is installed.

Customize Small Business Web Sites

They also will customize a theme for you to use. There are also thousands that are available for WordPress.  There are many widgets that can be installed. They can provide a variety of functionality that may be of interest to various small-business owners.  These include everything from calendar information, contact pages, counters, statistical analysis, etc. There are probably thousands of widgets that can be chosen for your small business blog. But choose wisely. Look for comments and ratings to ensure that they are well supported widgets. They must keep up with all of the latest releases for your content management system.

Small Business Blog Sites – Some Examples

This particular website for our small business is a good example of what you can do.  The local ski club is another example of a smile business or charity in this case that is using our hosting services and our WordPress content management system. They really have a rather simple and straight forward site that meets their needs and their budget.

If you are interested in setting up a small business blog site contact us today. We will be happy to provide you with a competitive solution. Which can be set up within a matter of days if not hours.  There are a variety of options for you. These include having our team do everything for you. Or having your team provide and update the content on the company blog site.

Send us an e-mail or give us a call and we will be happy to provide a solution for you.

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Small Business Owner

October 5th, 2013 ernie Posted in Small Business 2 Comments »

Small Business OwnerThe small business owner knows that they need a website to have a presence on the internet, but seldom has the time or the skills to set up a website domain or a hosting site, let alone design a web site that meets their needs. Once the web site is set up, there is ongoing maintenance to add content that keeps it current with the products and services that their small business offers. Many small business owners will just shy away from doing anything at all in this regard or they will turn to companies such as ours to help them with their web site design.

Various Approaches to Web site Design for the Small Business Owner

There are many different approaches one can take to setting up a small business website. For example some customers will obtain their own domain name and request hosting, then they will do the rest. Others want the domain name, the hosting, the blog engine installed and they will then add the content using the user friendly blog system. Then there is the business owner who wants a web site and wants to handover the content to a content manager such as ourselves to build the web site and design all of the content pages.

We have listed the services we provide to small business owners on our website. Click here for more information. This is a guideline only and should be used to give some idea of what the potential costs are to set up a web site and add content on a regular basis.

Search Engine Indexing

We recently built a web site for a small non-profit organization, click here to see the web site. They had the domain, we provided the hosting and installed a WordPress blog with the appropriate apps to support his website. We add some basic pages and then turned it over to the president of the organization who wanted to design and add his own content and images for his blog. With a small amount of training they were in business and updating content as needed.

They wanted to know why their website was on the 1st page of search results for some search terms and not for others. The answer was pretty simple. They did not have any content on their web site that used those terms and therefore the search engines would not index them for that term, nor would they rank them for that term. They were obviously going to think about this and decide if they were going to add more content or not.

Inexpensive Small business Owner Websites

The example we have discussed is one of the least expensive ways to build a web site. Spending a  small amount for a domain name and hosting and then building and designing their own pages is clearly the way to go for this group. If they have the time to add their own content and not too concerned about the time it takes, they can add content using the WordPress blogging engine, which is extremely easy to use and intuitive to learn.

For more information about domain name set up, hosting, web site design, contact us for more information to-day.


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